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Hotel will send you confirmation if there is availability. Please familiarize with our cancellation policy if booking has been confirmed. We require credit card to guarantee booking. Invalid credit cards will automatically cancel booking once confirmed



72 Hours cancellation fee applies per room for the first night if booking is cancelled less than 72 hours of arrival.

No show cancellation fee applies per room for the first night if failing to arrive on the due date and your booking automatically cancels from our system.

Early departure fee applies per room if after checking in you decide to depart anytime during your stay before the check out booking date on the initial reservations.

To guarantee booking, a valid credit card details must be obtained. Invalid credit cards or insufficient money will cancel your booking automatically. Third party credit cards will not be accepted (The person providing credit card details to guarantee booking must be at least the person residing in the hotel)

This is a booking request, not a confirmation. If there is availability, Reservations will provide you with confirmation of the booking and request your credit card details. Credit card details must be obtained with 24 hours after the initial confirmation made by reservations. Failure to supply on time will result to cancelling booking.